Game Assets For Unity

Here are a few characters that i made. Some of them didnt live beyond modelling whereas others have been rigged and animated for the game. Any way take a look:


The above two are for a puzzle platformer i have in mind but it will have to wait as the assets its too time consuming.

This one is not for a game but only for animation purposes. Still…


The one below is just a mess-sh…. Get it?… I knew it was a lame joke and nobody would get it.


Moving On…


Ahhh. the simplest of all. Well its not simple it just has a low polygon count just so i can speed up the modelling process and get on with the rest of the stuff. I decided to use this one in a game so i went ahead and rigged the eagle and created a fly animation (cycle). The Character alone would not be enough. [ENTER FIRE-FLY]


The fire fly has been rigged weight painted and finally animated (fly-cycle) and now is ready to go, but i think i’m forgetting something. Ah yes, the environment.

Now all that’s left is to put it all together and i did but it still is work in progress.


Now this final scene is in Unity3d. In case of lights i still need some soft lights and i still have to figure out a few more thing. color scheme may be. may be the whole composition. I guess i can always change these things along the way.

(I know the image is in low quality)



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