Mountains (Micro Polygon Displacement)

This in fact is my first brush with micro polygon displacement and i love it. Up till now i have been using the 2015 released Blender but as soon as i learnt about this feature i upgraded to 2.78c.

Just look at it.

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-03 at 04.32.53

Yes this is a low quality render because i was not going to wait too long to see how this looked. Secondly this feature is only available under “Experimental” settings in render but boy does this work.

So what it does is applies the sub-division surface modifier details based on how close it is to the camera. I used real height maps i pulled of the internet.


These were not that detailed so i had to play around with the materials. Used another image for the bump maps. And for the final color, i could not find anything and was too lazy to make a color map of my own so i used the following image:


Pretty sneaky right? For the final render i used the lowest settings (ones i normally dont use) just to see how it looked. Pretty neat. Thanks to Bump Mapping. Any way i will be doing better ones next time (hope so).



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