Breaking Stuff


I was making stuff before and now i just started breaking it. Fractured the object. turned it into glass. Fiddled with colors and here we are. I know it does not look realistic because i have not added ‘constraints’ to it. you know like a shard of glass tries to pull the shards closest to it, that sort of thing. Anyway, i also broke my favorite bowl and and turned the whole animation into a ‘gif’.

Feast yer eyes


Exploding Bowl

This whole animation thing is quite heavy and my machine is not that juicy… YET. After all of this i proceeded to make the previous scene better. Added constraints, smaller glass shards (like a million pieces, LITERALLY) and smoke effect. I also changed the color scheme. It took me around 4 hours more just to do these things. I have an image but i wanted a whole animation so my laptop has been humming for the last 6 hours as it renders the animation (not even half way through, it will probably take 6-8 hours more).

I do not like the colors scheme anymore (in fact i hate it now) but since i have put so much time into it, might as well just wait to see the final thing.



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